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Draft Bylaws for the Ard Family Reunion Foundation:
August, 2004


The basic structure of the Ard Family Reunion Board should include a minimum of the following elected positions:


1 President

2 Vice President

3 Secretary

* Assistant Secretary

4 Treasurer

* Assistant Treasurer

* Positions not required establishing non-profit foundation or association.


Board Roles and Responsibilities


1 President – Ultimate responsibility to assure growth and long live of family reunion gatherings and establish activities that promote bonding of family members and re-connect to our common history and land origin.  Operational responsibilities will include but not limited to establishing task teams, scheduling and conducting regular meetings and monitor overall activities of fellow board members and task committees.

2 Vice President – Assist President and if necessary, assume lead roll in assuring responsibilities of president.  Communicate with Secretary and Treasurer to assure continuity of board and task committee activities and responsibilities.

3 Secretary – Record and report financial activities, meeting notes and activity reports.  The secretary will work with the Treasurer in tracking and reporting financial activities and provide reports to fellow board members and task committees.

Assistant Secretary – Assist Secretary and if necessary, assume lead roll in assuring responsibilities of Secretary.  Perform public relations and communication task such as mail-outs, announcements, and newsletters

4 Treasurer – Oversee all and reconcile income and expense reports, bank statements, host budget planning meetings, authorize expenditures and work with fellow board members and task committees to assure achievement of financial goals and objectives.  The Treasurer will work with Secretary is tracking and reporting financial activities, budget analysis and expense reporting.

5. Assistant Treasurer – Assist Treasurer and if necessary, assume lead roll in assuring responsibilities of Treasurer.


The Committee of Representatives – Roles and Responsibilities

A committee representative is the appointed contact and spokesperson for their respective branch of the family.   There are 12 branches representing the twelve sons’, daughters and descendants of Malissa and Arthur Ards.  Each of the 12 families is responsible for appointing a committee spokesperson and a backup representative.  The Committee of Representative responsibility is to assist and work with the elected board (President, VP, Treasure, Secretary) in the planning, implementation and maintenance of Reunion related activities and initiatives.  Committee members are responsible for participating in scheduled meetings and communicating ideas, opinions, votes, consensus, progress and activity reports to the elected board and assist in publishing general communications to be available and accessible to the Ards family nation at large.  A quorum of at least seven (8) committee representatives constitutes a valid vote block, with the president as a tie breaking vote or the Vice President as an alternate deciding vote.

Suggested Short and Long Term Goals and Objectives for the Ard Family Reunion Board





Complete final copy of Bylaws

Complete Bylaws and article of incorporation.

* Establish an Ard Reunion Foundation

Establish a Land Development Initiative (long term 1yr plus)

Establish a Homeland Security Initiative (save our land)

Establish an Education Fund (long term 1yr plus)


President and Board Members collectively

Establish Task Committees Heads


Note: Committee heads may be directly involved or provide a simple plan or process where they oversee and are responsible for others people or services involved with fulfilling the task. 

-         Food, Cups, Forks, Napkins and other stuff, etc

-         Food Preparation, Storage and Transportation

-         Cooking equipment and management

-         Family Reunion Program Coordinator

-         Youth and Adult Reunion Activities

-         Hospitality (meet and greet, fellowship)

-         Facility Preparation (setup & cleanup arrangements)

-         Transportation and storage of supplies and stuff

-         Genealogy Committee (the Family Tree Team)

-         * Other __________________________________

-         * Other __________________________________


* These task and responsibilities must be established by the board and committee members in writing and published.

Committee Representatives

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-         __________________

-     __________________

Establish Board and Task meeting schedules


President and Board Members collectively

Establish Processes and Procedures for communications with

- Board member

- Task Committees

- Family Members

Newsletter / Flyers


Internet (Website)


Postal Mail

Phone Book / Address List

Conference Calls

Face to Face Meetings


President and Board Members collectively