On Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017, 9:36 AM, cedrick ploucha <cedrickploucha@yahoo.com> wrote:Good Morning Family,

As the time nears for the Family Reunion, I have ONLY received payments from 5 family members for the reunion fees. I am asking for everyone to PLEASE send reunion fees or donations as soon as possible. For those of you who have already sent payments, I Thank You very much. Let's not wait until the Day of the reunion to make payments. All food, beverages, facilities, etc., has to be paid Before the reunion.

***Please forward this information to ALL Family members whom I may not have contact information for or may not be listed in this email.

Thank You 

Send or Make Payment to:

Cedrick Ploucha
P.O.Box 750671
Houston, Texas 77275

Direct Deposit:

First National Bank or
First Convenience Bank
Acct# - 457822229

Bank Of America
Acct# - 586028391464, Routing number: 113000023 /111000025 (paper & electronic)
026009593 (wires)

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 1:25 PM, cedrick ploucha <cedrickploucha@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Family,

This is the part of the family reunion that is the hardest to do. With rising cost on food, entertainment, rental facilities and everything else. We are in need of funding for this year's Family Reunion.

If you enjoyed last years reunion, food, fun and fellowship then you know all that comes with a cost. Two - Three days of food, beverages, desserts, etc. This is not an easy task for just a hand few Family Members to be responsible for.  

This year we are asking for ALL Family Members to participate in making a fair contribution to the 2017 Ards Family Reunion.

This year's(2017) Ard Family Reunion fund is at an all time Low  $0.00

So I am asking for everyone's help.

 Payment of   $40.00  Per Family or Couple (More if you are able)

 Payment of   $25.00  Per Adult W/out Family (More if you are able)

 Voluntary Payments of any amount is always excepted !!!

Please lets not wait until the day of the Family Reunion Saturday August 19, 2017.   Please send all payment to me: Check, Money order, Cashiers check

Cedrick Ploucha
P.O.Box 750671
Houston, Texas 77275