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2017 Reunion, August 18-19, Houston County Senior Center, Crockett, Texas (Across from park, behind Civic Center)

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Snapshot of Our History

Arthur Ard
(Born ? - Transitioned Sept. 1938)
Malissa Orange-Ard

(Nov. 23, 1883, - August 15, 1969)

The 12 Children of Arthur and Malissa Ard.  (No picture of Arthur Ard Available)

Malissa Ard was born in Houston County, November 23, 1883, and died August 15,1969 at 10:00 AM.  She became a Christian when she was quite young and joined the Mt. Zion Ash Baptist Church and was baptized.  Later she became a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

She lived a Christian life ever after.  Her Christian life was as the fragrance of a beautiful rose, and her influence will ever live in whatever place she has resided because she was known for extreme courtesy and willingness to accommodate everyone. (Taken from the Obituary of Mrs. Malissa Ard, August 20, 1969)

Give thanks to Mama Glory Holleman-Harris-Ridley, who constructed the draft years ago.  This Family tree book is a downloadable PDF that needs to be updated.  

Upon review of the draft book, information can be collected, updated, and added using the following Family Growing Link 

 If questions or need for more information you can always call your cousin Charles "Jerry" Harris Jr.,  at 817-800-8444 or email: babakwasi@aol.com .  Peace and Blessings.

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2016 Photo Gallery

VIDEO - 1994 Reunion - Houston County Lake

VIDEO - 2001 Reunion - Crockett Civic Center


Draft Bylaws for the Ard Family Reunion Foundation:  August, 2004

Depending on your will to see, remember and learn.  Embrace, understand and share your stories.
Note: To the global extended families, Step up, Embrace and do you !  Much Love !   Amen !

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